A Letter from Our President and CEO Pattie C.

Today, I wanted to reach out and update everyone on our company’s efforts to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most, if not all, who are reading this have been affected by this terrible virus. As Federal, State, County, and Local leaders work hard to make difficult decisions to keep all of us safe and stem the spread of this virus, we too are doing everything we can to make sure our employees are able to provide for themselves and their families in these most uncertain of times. Our Team is lobbying hard for our customers to allow us to continue working in facilities where there is little to no danger of interfering with daily activities or of potentially exposing any employees to the virus. Most importantly, we want to let our Customers know that we are here and open for business in order to keep their facilities up and running and safe for their customers. We are working daily to develop emergency strategies that will allow us to keep our workers employed throughout the duration of this pandemic. I know many of our employees are worried more and more every day as they watch new developments in the fight against Covid-19. Rest assured, my family understands these fears and share them with many of you. I want you to know that we are in this fight together. I will do everything in my power to leverage Disaster Relief Programs that may be available to help protect our employees. We will continue to look for other opportunities from our Customer relationships to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our most valuable asset, our employees. Together, we will persevere through this very difficult time. Thank you all for your many years of dedication and hard work.

A and K Energy

We set the standard for excellence in lighting solutions, services, and energy management. Through our team of valued employees we are committed to earning the TRUST of our family of customers by focusing on total customer satisfaction.

Our Services

A&K Energy Conservation is a self-performing company offering a wide range of services including:

-Electrical Services
-Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
-Customized Lighting Solutions
-Energy Management Service

We provide our customers with quantitative and qualitative data, allowing the value of our services to be easily measurable. With a focus on safety and reliability,


Who We Are

With 50 years of experience in energy-saving lighting technology, A&K Energy Conservation sets the standard for excellence in lighting solutions and energy management. More than 12,000 clients nationwide have trusted A&K, and we’ve continued to grow over the last five decades because of our commitment to earning that trust through superior customer service.

Lighting  Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Lighting Retrofits – Interior/Exterior

Energy Audits and Analysis

Services Information

A&K Energy Conservation offers comprehensive programs specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Energy Reduction Services:

Auditing, Analysis, Electronically Commutated Motor Installation and Rebate Processing.  We will save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

Lighting Design Serices:

Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Controls, Lighting Maintenance and Relamping Services.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions:

Design, Sales, Install, Service , Repair and Maintenance

Electrical Services:

Power Distribution
MCC/Switchgear Installation and Maintenance
PLC Programming
Lighting Retrofits
Generator Installation
Panel Upgrades
TVSS Installation
Bonding and Grounding Services
Electrical Trouble shooting and Repair
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
24hr Emergency Service

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