Our History

After Lyn Knowles completed his service in the U.S. Navy as an electrician’s mate, he began working as a light bulb salesman for a local distributor. A driven, entrepreneurial person, Knowles recognized the need for lighting services in local retail stores, and quickly realized that he could use the skills he gained in the Navy to offer lighting installation services himself. He began to go door-to-door to try and drum up some business. Before long, Knowles was busy servicing retail lighting full time.

Lyn and Bette Knowles started their business, first called A&K Lighting Maintenance, out of an old barn in Hernando County, FL with nothing but the drive to provide quality service and the electrical knowledge to back it up. As business picked up, Lyn and Bette expanded by hiring trustworthy family, friends, and other individuals who they knew would uphold their commitment to honest service.

Decades passed and the business, along with the team, continued to expand. Realizing the need his customers had for maintaining the clean look of their stores, Lyn Knowles steadily expanded the company’s services in order to offer customers more comprehensive offerings, even including painting yellowing ceiling tiles. Thus, in the 1980s, the name of the company was changed to A&K Service Corporation.

A&K has always helped our customers save money through more efficient lighting systems, but as the 1990s brought a heavier focus on environmental consciousness, we began concentrating on making our energy-saving services more apparent. A name change was needed to bring that to light (pun intended). Now A&K Energy Conservation, Inc., we continue to provide customers with the newest ways to reduce energy usage.

For over five decades of business, there have been plenty of changes. The reason A&K has remained a trusted service provider for over 50 years is our uncompromising dedication to a central value; we are always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers and continually earn their trust.

Today, President Pattie Cagle, daughter of Lyn and Bette Knowles, maintain our guiding values. We work every day to make sure our customers feel like they are part of the A&K family.