At A&K, we don’t just want to save you money. We want to protect the earth while we’re at it.

Energy Services

A&K Energy Conservation offers comprehensive programs specifically tailored to meet your needs. Our energy services, including Auditing, Analysis, Electronically Commutated Motor Installation, and Rebate Processing, are designed to save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

In-Depth Energy Audits and Analysis

It’s likely that your lighting system is not running as efficiently as it could.

That’s where our Energy Services team comes in, whether you need an investment grade audit or a simple count. Our CLEP/CLMC/LC certified auditors will ask the right questions, perform the appropriate tests, and compile the necessary data from your facilities. Then we turn it all into a realistic, customized plan, complete with payback and ROI calculations, designed to save you thousands on your energy usage while helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Rebate Research and Processing (Utility, Local, State, Federal, EPACT)

Think you can’t afford to start a major lighting project right now? You can’t afford not to.

We offer 100% project financing, and by the time we’re done with your retrofit project, it will have practically paid for itself through energy savings and Government Rebates. Don’t know how Government Rebates work or where to start? We’ll take care of that, too. We’ve done the research and we know how to find you every penny possible to help make your lighting project affordable.

Project Management

Our project management team will take your lighting retrofit from design to cleanup.

Whether you want a full or a partial retrofit, we’ll go anywhere in the U.S. to get the job done right. A&K Energy Conservation can even provide night-time or weekend installations when you need to minimize workplace disruption or other inconveniences.

A&K also offers turnkey or labor only capabilities, depending on your preference. Many of our major projects have been in conjunction and coordination with large, widely known, and well respected ESCO’s, who are familiar with our quality-controlled processes and standards.

Continuing Results

Even if we’re just doing one project for you, we are confident that our energy solutions will provide measurable results.

After the work is done, we stick around to provide measurement and verification of exactly how much energy you’re using compared to before the retrofit work was performed.

A&K also offers post-installation service contracts to free your staff from routine lighting maintenance and the hassles of warranty follow-through. We’ll ensure that your facility’s entire lighting system operates at peak efficiency levels for years after your retrofit project has been completed.

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