Thank You

After 57 years of serving its Customers across the entire United States, A&K Energy Conservation has closed its doors for the final time. During those 57 years, I am proud of what was accomplished. Together, our Team was able to bring new light to places all across the nation.

 We have watched as our employees, many of whom have been with us for more than 35 years, have grown both personally and professionally. I have watched as their children were born and grew into adults and became a part of our work family. I have always felt that our employees were more than just numbers. They were truly family and many remained part of the family long after their careers took them in other directions. When Times were tough, we learned that hard work and determination from a dedicated and talented Team of individuals could see us through the hardest of times. I want to thank all of those employees, both past and present, for their dedication to helping me to preserve my father’s dream.

While this is a sad time, I am also thankful for the many friendships I have made along the way. I want to thank our amazing Customers who trusted us to provide them with a service that exceeded their expectations. Our company was built on repeat business and so many of our Customers became life-long friends during this time. I want to thank our many vendors who have supported us during the good times and the difficult times as well. Many of you took a chance on me and our company and helped us through the good times and the difficult times as well. For all of this I will remain eternally grateful for, without your support, we would have never come this far.

Finally, for me personally, I simply want to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported me along this amazing journey of the past 57 years. I have so enjoyed the challenges that came along with running a business like A&K. I have learned so many things along the way and grown so much professionally. I will be forever indebted to everyone who has helped me along the way. I have learned what it’s like to feel a sense of accomplishment when things are going well. I have learned the true meaning of dedication and loyalty and am still amazed at those around me who matched my hard work and dedication each and every day. In the end, I know that my dad would have been proud of what we built together.

Thank you!

Pattie Cagle


A&K Energy Conservation, Inc.